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Downsizing aka “Right-sizing

Many clients I have worked with for years are now wanting to “right-size’ their homes and lives. I’m a believer in the concepts espoused by Susan Susanka and the Small is Beautiful movement. As a Downsizing specialist, I recreate the feeling and grace of a larger house in a more conveniently sized home. I recolor, reorient and recover their treasured pieces in a fresh way. And, of course, I consider Universal Design principles as we plan their new home.

To make living in a smaller space both practical and luxurious, I’ve developed creative storage solutions and can lay out rooms so they are flexible and multi-purpose. I team up with talented craftsmen and organizing professionals to tastefully develop every inch of usable space. I am familiar with auction houses, estate sales, and charitable organizations that can help move clients’ possessions on to their next owners.

The secret to living well in a smaller space is also about your EYE:

  1. The eye has to be able to extend, to have a vista, in order to relax. I like to create vistas.
  2. Every place your eye focuses on should hold something of beauty, something to nurture your spirit.

This sense of bountifulness in a cozier space makes you feel well-cared for.

These important features get me involved in the outdoor space surrounding your home, as well as interior vignettes.

My goal for Right-sizers is to create a “Jewel Box” of a home that feels gracious, frees up your energy, and nourishes your life. You will love the results!