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Robineve was a wealth of information. She definitely raised awareness in our community of realtors, and people in the real estate industry, and it is so important to understand that universal living can be created with style.

I would recommend Robineve to anyone who is looking to find out more about this style of home designing, or any home design in general. The work I have seen of hers, is top notch.

Teresa Zocchi (Alamo, CA)

I am clueless when it comes to decorating. I was a bit nervous that whoever I worked with would not get me or my style. Robineve came highly recommended so it was off to a good start.

During the initial consult, I was very impressed with her ability to ask poignant questions to drill down and determine my likes and dislikes. Things I had never thought about and weren't even on my radar. I was ready to give it a go. I appreciate her sensitivity to timelines and her patience in offering a slew of helpful suggestions.

She is very passionate about design and bringing beauty into your space

Jen (Martinez, CA)

Robineve made our last home beautiful as we engaged upon a truly major remodel. Every touch - mirrors, lighting, paint colors, tile concept and selection, etc - all so contemporary and cool.  Robineve made all the difference between us just doing a so-so, mainstream, remodel and one that looks and feels very special to us and to all our friends who visit.   That home now holds the sale price record for the community that we left just a few months ago.  Also ... so much fun to work with her!

Robineve has a sense of grace about her, and she also had a great personal touch with our contractors and was on site in our home when needed by them.

We will absolutely be working with her again!

Rennie (Clayton, CA)

Robineve helped us with a kitchen renovation this winter. She has great taste and really worked with us to figure out our style and wants.

She went above and beyond when we ran into issues with our initial contractor and was very flexible on meeting times as we work long hours during the week. She also understood our budget needs and was able to suggest materials at the right price, even if we were slightly below her usual clientele's budget.

We will be requesting her services again for sure and highly recommend her.

Thank you Robineve!

Natalie (San Francisco, CA)

I moved back to the Bay area a little over a year ago. I was dealing with a perfect storm of downsizing and dealing with cancer. Robineve helped me create a safe, sustainable space that incorporated my favorite pieces gathered on my travels. She suggested senior friendly modifications that insured I could manage for myself during recovery from surgery.

I am very grateful for the work she did. I have the highest regard for her skill as a designer.

Thomas (Berkeley, CA)

Robineve did a wonderful job for me. She really listened to everthing I wanted to achieve, quickly picked up on my personal style taste and made my bedroom and living room remodel happen in time for my daughter's wedding - a very ambitious project. Her ideas were very creative as well as practical.

I love all the things we picked and everyday I wake up in my georgeous bedroom and LOVE IT all over again.

Lisa G. (Alamo CA)

Robineve's guidance through every aspect of the remodeling process was indispensable...her artistic eye ensuring that all worked together to create an efficient, elegant space.

She oversaw the design of a fabulous built-in unit to house our multi-media and office space needs, and helped design a completely new kitchen!

Edie M. (Walnut Creek CA)

Robineve helped us through an extensive remodel and downsizing project in the fall of 2013. Throughout the nearly 3 months process, she was available and upbeat and kept us sane.

We can't recommend Robineve highly enough!

Jason C. (Walnut Creek CA)

I have worked with Robineve Cole of J. Hettinger Interiors for the last several years on various projects in my home from selecting paint colors to remodeling a kitchen and a "piano room".

She worked with currently existing aspects of my home and has made my home very warm and inviting. She is easy to work with, even if you have a busy career schedule.

We are already working on more projects for the New Year!

Adrienne N. (Livermore CA)

Robineve Adler Cole is a Design Force to be appreciated and applauded. Her visions of color, symmetry and fine editing of existing furnishings alongside new or refurbished pieces, is not an art one learns in a classroom. Her sense of proportion, her fine lines drawn between utilitarian and exquisite, her complete understanding of living in your home as you age gracefully and beautifully is unprecedented.

Natural talent is her gift, and her capable, graceful demeanor is her a gift to her clients.

Marty L. (Oakland Hills CA)

We were just about to begin a major remodel of our entire home and we had never worked with a designer before.  Robineve made all the difference between us just doing a so-so, mainstream, remodel and one that looks and feels very special to us and to all our friends who visit. 

Robineve advised and guided us on everything.  She selected the paint colors for the whole house; every single lighting fixture was replaced with something special; all the granite and marble surfaces and backsplash tiles for the kitchen and the bathrooms; mirrors, carpeting. 

Everything!  Robineve was a joy to work with.  And she also had a great personal touch with our contractors and was on site in our home when needed by them. 

We will absolutely be working with her again!

Rennie W. (Clayton CA)

She has been my designer for over 25 years.  She has the rare ability to take color, design, personal taste and all the elements that are overwhelming to the lay person and come back with a beautiful, harmonious and personal design just for me. 

She is brilliant!

Mary B. (Walnut Creek CA)

I met you by chance at a Symphony Event and within 3 minutes I knew I would hire you when and if we made this big move. The fact that you had chosen to specialize in an area that seemed so relevant, told me that you were caring and very smart.

We only moved a month ago but I can easily say, it was the biggest, most stressful move (of the 7) we have made. You always kept our limited budget in mind, reupholstering instead of buying new furniture. You have been calm, supportive, creative and attentive. The finished product reflects all of those words.

I look forward to your visit and your touch of perfection.

Judi K. (San Francisco CA)

My elderly parents relocated from their home of 30+ years to a 2-room apartment in a senior facility. With her exquisite taste, and sensitivity regarding the special needs of senior citizens, Robineve transformed a sterile environment into a stunning, warm, elegant-yet-homey apartment.

Because of the ambiance Robineve created, the facility showcases my parents' apartment to prospective tenants. Robineve owned the entire process, working with vendors, contractors, and yes, even the facility staff, which was a tremendous service to my parents.

We would recommend her to others in a heartbeat!

Marsha S. (Lafayette CA)

Robineve is a visionary in home design. Her vast knowledge of architecture and construction combined with her distinct design elements come together to create unique and beautiful spaces for her clients

Rich Gobbell, Northern Lights Electric (Walnut Creek CA)

I have worked under the guidance of and alongside Robineve for years. What sets her apart for me is her passionate and unassuming approach to design. She has impressed my clients with her ability to bring aesthetics into harmony with everyday practicality, producing results that feel and function as beautiful as they look.

Kristopher Kent, Kent Painting and Decorating (Walnut Creek CA)

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